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Bricks & Sticks takes pride in offering an extensive variety of innovative financial products and services for the general market, from Mortgages to Personal Loans, Investment Packages and Lease & Sales Options.

Primarily based online to allow easy access to our current and prospective clients, Bricks & Sticks has also now opened its doors to its first branch, enabling clients to speak face-to-face with a Bricks & Sticks consultant about any queries that they may have.

With interest rates on the climb and property prices still out of reach for the vast majority of Australians, Bricks & Sticks' innovative Capital Zero & Lease Reward Packages provides clients with the opportunity to own their very own home sooner, and with our finance team monitoring and assisting them each step of the way, we will make budgeting a pain free and easy process as well.

Bricks & Sticks isn't just a financial organisation but a company focused intensely on offering clients a total long-term customer service package. With Financial Advice, Monitoring, Problem Solving, Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Planning Advice, Investment Strategies and more, all the necessary steps required to help you to fully benefit from your property and finances short- and long-term will be completely addressed.

Bricks & Sticks also offers vendors, investors, purchasers and renters the opportunity to buy, sell and lease their properties on the Bricks & Sticks website. Being free of the huge commission fees and charges that so often accompany this type of service, we can simply offer an affordable place to buy, sell and lease properties all at the one site.